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Cultural Awareness Resources
Building Equal Access to the Outdoors

Project GO strives to decrease the opportunity gap for low-income youth and children of color in Minnesota by ensuring that all children have access to positive nature experiences.

Nature exposure is essential to the health and well-being of all humans and is crucial to fostering the next generation of stewards and conservationists.  We believe this is one of the most critical issues of our time! 

Below are some cultural awareness resources that might be helpful to organizations and individuals working to connect children of color to the outdoors.

Helpful Research
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Cultural Backgrounders

Culture has been defined as "a compilation of all the things in our environment that make us who we are."

A common analogy to describe culture is an iceberg; only so much of it can be observed on the surface.  Most of what makes us who we are is unseen and typically derived from our family heritage, customs and day-to-day life. Culture involves shared meaning or understandings, including values and beliefs, within a group.

below is information that may help you learn more about cultural communities in Minnesota.  Remember, it is always best to get to know people from different cultural backgrounds to gain a true understanding.  One person's opinions or beliefs don't necessarily reflect the views of an entire cultural group.

A Guide to Cultural Awareness in Minnesota; American Indian Cultural Guide

Bhutanese Cultural Backgrounder

Burmese Cultural Backgrounder

Hmong Cultural Guide

Indigenous Mexican Cultures Backgrounder

Iraqi Cultural Backgrounder

Inclusive 4-H Resources LGBTQ

Somali Cultural Backgrounder

Youth with Special Needs:  Making 4-H More Accessible

Growing Up in a New Country: A Positive Youth Development Toolkit for Working with Refugees and Immigrants

Recommended Books

•Black and Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places, Dudley Edmondson, 2006.


•Black Faces, White Spaces: Re-imagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors,

Carolyn Finney, 2014.

Video Resources

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Minnesota Green Card Voices

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disparities in the classroom.JPG

Sides Square-Off in Eden Prairie

Other Equity in the Outdoors Champions

Conservation corps of MN & IA

Wilderness Inquiry

Outdoor Afro

Brown People Camping

Becoming an Outdoors Woman

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