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The Project GO Leader Training consists of 10 modules and a Pre-Training Assignment. We have gathered many of the resources from our in-person training and made them available on-line. Although we cannot provide the full experience one would receive during the in-person training, these resources and materials will give you a good introduction to the content and provide you with resources to continue learning on the topics you find most helpful.


For virtual learning, instructions and power point presentations for each module can be found below. Some of the modules include videos, recorded during an in-person training, to better explain concepts and demonstrate activities. You will find a recommended reading list and additional learning resources to explore at the end of each power point presentation. 

You will need to download the Project GO Leader Workbook to follow along with each module as you go.

Training Modules

Pre-Training Assignment :

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Module 1 - Welcome & Introductions

  • 15 minutes to complete on-line

  • Includes links to ice breakers you can use with your group

  • Watch video as you follow along in your workbook

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Module 2 - Overview of Project GO

  • 20 minutes to complete on-line

  • Learn how after school programs like Project GO can help your organization reach health and wellness goals and attract new families and kids.

  • Watch video as you follow along in your workbook

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Module 3 - Youth Development 101 & the Role of Nature

  • 30 minutes to compete on-line

  • Learn how to put popular youth development theories into practice and how nature impacts human health and wellbeing

  • Watch video as you follow along in your workbook

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Module 4 - Cultural Awareness

Module Five.JPG

Module 5 - Engaging Children with Nature

  • 30 minutes plus 30 - 60 minutes hands-on practice on own

  • Watch video as you follow along in your workbook

Module Six.JPG

Module 6 - Behavior Management & Safety Outdoors

  • 30 minutes on-line

  • Watch video as you follow along in your workbook

Module Seven.JPG

Module 7 - Community Asset Mapping

Module Eight.JPG

Module 8 - Practice Activities

Module Nine.JPG

Module 9 - Where Do We Go from Here?

Module Ten.JPG

Module 10 - Wrap Up

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