Park Rx Movement


The Park Rx movement is an international movement to bring health care providers and parks and recreation agencies together in an effort to promote outdoor time for health and wellness outcomes. Working with Park Rx America, Project GO is providing assistance to Minnesota communities interested in participating in the Park Rx movement.

Project GO can help inventory your local parks and input data into the Park Rx America database to aid local health care providers with prescribing time outdoors using local park. Health care providers have access to various tools and resources through Park Rx American to prescribe time outdoors and track prescription follow-through. 

The Southeast Minnesota Park Rx collaboration is leading this effort in Minnesota. Representatives from parks, public health, area clinics, mental health organizations, veteran's support services and other organizations meet monthly to plan and develop outreach resources and events to educate and inform health care providers about the power of nature for health and wellbeing. Find out more about the Se MN Park Rx effort!

Project GO has teamed up with Winona State University Film Studies Department to create a Nature Rx story map to connect local college student to nature near campus. We hope this project will inspire other Minnesota colleges to create similar resources to encourage students to connect with nature.


Find out how you can get involved with Park Rx in Minnesota. Or contact Sara Holger at .

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