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The work of Project GO is carried out by program leaders across the state.  

Program Leaders are either volunteers or paid staff of community organizations who lead outdoor programs and activities for youth. 


Project GO offers a 8-hour Leader Certification course for adults who work with or volunteer with children in after-school and out-of-school settings.  Participants spend 2 hours on prerequisite work, including the on-line leader training referenced below, prior to the in-person workshop and then they participate in a 6 hour, in-person workshop to learn and practice hands-on nature exploration activities.


The course provides training including information, resources and hands-

on practice to help youth workers build confidence and experience to lead

outdoor nature programs at their sites.  Upon completion of the in-person

workshop, participants each receive a Certificate of Learning worth 8 CEUs

and a Leader Backpack full of materials and supplies to facilitate outdoor

exploration activities for youth.

To find out more about the certification course, check out the course syllabus.  You may request a Project GO Leader Certification workshop for a specific site or community.  Space is limited to 25 participants per workshop. For more information, contact Project GO at


On-Line Training opportunities

The Project GO Leader Training offered in-person is undoubtedly the best option for those who are new to the field of after school programming, especially those living in rural Minnesota who work with low-income youth and youth of color. But we understand these in-person training workshops may not be an accessible option for everyone.


Therefore, Project GO has gathered together many of the resources from our in-person training and made them available on-line through our virtual learning portal. Although we cannot provide the full experience one would receive during the in-person training, these resources and materials will give you a good introduction to the content and provide you with resources to continue learning on the topics you find most helpful. Click here to access the Virtual Learning Portal.

Our On-line Leader Training introduces volunteers and mentors to resources and tips for developing safe and welcoming nature-based programs for ALL youth.  The on-line training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is available to any individual who is interested in learning more about community-based program development and working with youth outdoors.  There is no cost for the on-line training.



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