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Leaders & Trainers

Project GO is able to reach children across Minnesota because of the amazing efforts of Project GO Leaders and Trainers throughout the state.

Project GO Leaders are staff or volunteers of community organizations who have received training to help them develop and lead outdoor nature exploration activities for children at their sites.

Project GO Trainers are independent contractors who have been trained to facilitate Project GO training workshops to train leaders across the state.

Resources for Program Planning

Since 2005, Project Get Outdoors has been offering programs in a variety of community settings across Minnesota. From trailer parks, churches, schools, rec centers, libraries, apartment buildings, city parks, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs and more, Project GO has been offered in every possible setting.  You can do this!!!

Below are some resources we have developed over the years to help community volunteers and organization staff develop and implement nature-based after school programs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

Project GO Handbook

This helpful 38-page book will walk you through the steps of

planning, implementing and sustaining your own unique after

school program. The handbook was developed based on several

years of piloting programs in Southeast Minnesota and looks

at what has worked well and what did not work so well. This is

the original handbook Project GO created for guiding early

programs from 2005 - 2015.




Project GO Backpack content checklist

Assemble your own nature backpacks using this checklist of supplies or develop your own list of materials. You can also purchase nature-themed backpacks from sources like Acorn Naturalist or NASCO Science Education on-line.


Project GO Outdoor Activity Planning Guide

This 18-page booklet provides over 100 activity ideas you can

do with youth using the Project GO backpack. These are simple

activities you can do on-site at your location without having to

take a field trip to a nature area.



Project GO Activity Calendar

Great for child care providers and early childhood

programs. This 12-month calendar was made for you to 

use year after year! It is filled with daily outdoor activity

ideas to help young children engage with the outdoors and

nature. At the back of the calendar you will find a list of nature stories that you can check out at your

local library. There is also a list of healthy snack ideas

that correlate with the daily activity ideas.

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